Kellie-Jay in the USA - Let Women Speak

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Mar 1, 2023

Last year, a British mum named Kellie-Jay Keen toured the United States “creating space in which women can speak.” A new documentary of that tour shows just how hard it is to carve out any space for women speak their minds in America these days.

"Do you have to stand so close? It's rather intimidating,” she asks one man bent on physically bullying her.

“Yes! Uh. that's kind of what I'm here to do?" The Tacoma resident admits, having declared “dialogue is good” only a moment before.

"Are you here to intimidate women?” Kellie-Jay asks, always on point.

"Yes!" He answers, with enthusiasm. Because in today’s America, women who speak their minds are so dangerous they must be intimidated and harassed from the public street, lest their hurty-words damage the precious ego of some random male.

This is what trans activism means by “dialogue:” they will push you out, bully you up, silence you, and then declare the issue has been settled, so no further debate is allowed.

As a precaution against censorship, we have uploaded Let Women Speak, the documentary Kellie-Jay commissioned to “ensure there is a historical document in which our voices are heard.”

We want to ensure those voices cannot be silenced by a single act of Big Tech censorship.

However, as long as the film remains on YouTube, we advise viewers to watch it through that portal, so that Kellie-Jay gets all the useful statistical information and views available on that platform.

Here is the embedded YouTube video. We can fill the gap if it goes away for any length of time, as when Vimeo took down the documentary Affirmation Generation for 24 hours last week. We hope that does not happen, but we are ready if it does.

Despite threats of violence and acts of intimidation, or maybe because of those things, Kellie-Jay is determined to repeat her tour elsewhere in the English-speaking world.

“We need help to raise the funds to cover security and equipment hire in Australia and New Zealand,” her website says. “Please contribute what you can to help us reach every woman that is bound by silence so that we can let women speak.”


Women come from all walks of life and claim every political identifier at Kellie-Jay’s events. Oppression brings them together.

They speak for women in prison who are told that “the men are coming,” including convicted rapists, because those men claim to have magical, mystical, invisible, ineffable female genderbeings, so “you better fight to kill.”

They speak as athletes cheated out of medals and trophies by men because sporting associations and media organizations are gutless and captured by a new men’s rights movement in lipstick.

They speak about being pushed out of their own spaces, such as restrooms and change rooms and gym showers, by fetish-addled perverts and their allies in government and the nonprofit world.

They speak of how hard it is to be a lesbian these days, when men are actively encouraged to fetishize them, to demand entry into lesbian bars, lesbian spaces, and lesbian bodies, while surgeons and hormone quacks propose to turn them into men.

They speak to detransition, the false promises of gender “medicine,” and the turn that their former “inclusive” communities take, shunning them harder than the Amish if they choose to stop pretending they are the opposite sex and inhabit their bodies naturally.

They speak to children harmed. “I’ll be ‘transphobic’ every day until you stop slicing girls’ breasts off,” Kellie-Jay promised one crowd of counter-protesters.

For this, they are the most hateful women in the world, according to men who hate women because they cannot themselves be women.

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Kellie-Jay is a genius at bringing these people out to show themselves. It is like behavioral software.

I was able to observe her up close at the event in Philadelphia, although I did not appear on camera.

All she has to do is be herself — an irrepressible British mum horrified by the effects of gender ideology on vulnerable children — and the gender “activists” squeal like stuck pigs.

They threaten. They intimidate. They kettle women up against walls and try to push them out of public spaces, get them fired from their jobs or banned from the YMCA.

One well-known British misogynist has made three false police reports against Kellie-Jay. Failing to put her in jail, he has nevertheless cost her time, money, and energy that might otherwise go into the movement she has created.

Most recently, her regular monthly Standing For Women event at the Reformer’s Tree in Hyde Park, legendary home of free speech in London, drew out a large number of shouty, mask-wearing men eager to prove her point.

“You people always tell on yourselves with violence against women,” remarked Amy Sousa, an American organizer, to counter-protesters after someone tried to tackle a speaker in Tacoma. “Every time. Thank you.”

Kellie-Jay Keen is the most dangerous woman in the world, according to the men who hate her most. Now the whole world can see why.

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