Susie Green’s Disappearing TED Talk

Or, the Streisand Effect—Now with Added Mermaids


Many on Twitter, including Graham Linehan, have noted that Susie Green’s TED Talk has just been taken down from YouTube, for some reason.

Here are some of the tweets on the fishy case of the former Mermaids CEO’s talk:

When I spoke on August 8, 2020, at Can I Get a Witness? Voices from the Trenches, I talked about Green, citing from her talk:

On Twitter, the CEO of Mermaids Susie Green, whose child, a member of my sex, whom she subjected to gender-reassignment surgery in Thailand at 16 years old, has expressed sentiments queerly akin to Shappley’s and Jennings’ parents. Green writes

My first child, two years old, and I was starting to think that perhaps my child was gay as they were so different to the other little ‘boys’ as the things they were drawn to were largely seen as for girls.

Mermaids, as an organization, has propagated puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and cosmetic surgeries as a “medical solution” to gender dysphoria as a “medical problem.” This enterprise has been profitable, at great cost to lesbian girls and gay boys. It could be seen as a gay genocide in the mass medicalization of so many human beings, especially youth, coming from the homosexual community.


In Susie Green’s 2017 TEDTalk, “Transgender: A Mother’s Story,” she talks about her child having been a little boy who “was gravitating towards things that you would see as stereotypically female,” whose “favorite outfits were the tutu and Snow White costume.” Green says:

And, again, that was fine. But not for Dad. So, Jackie’s dad struggled, and he blamed me. His thoughts were that, because I allowed the Polly Pocket and the My Little Pony, that I was facilitating and encouraging. And I disagreed. And it caused tensions. What I had come to the conclusion with, over the sort of years, until she was about two, was that I had a very sensitive, quite effeminate little boy, who was probably gay. But Jack’s dad did not approve of our child’s effeminate behavior, and it created such tensions that we ended up in couple’s counseling. We went to couple’s counseling, and what they said to us as parents that we had to agree, no matter what it was that we agreed upon, we had to agree. At that point, Tim decided that I must agree with him, apparently, and then all the ‘girl toys’ or ‘girly toys,’ as such, were taken away and put away, and Jack was made aware that this was not appropriate. And, suddenly, a confident, happy little boy became quite quiet, withdrawn, very clingy, and tearful.

This case of gender-nonconforming behavior in a child of the male sex, a departure from the social expectations of “masculinity” for males, resembles that of both Jennings and Shappley. We see, then, that Green’s child grew up under similar parental circumstances as those of Shappley’s child, which, likewise, perhaps could resemble Jennings’ parents. What we can recognize, across these narratives, seems to be that the child’s earliest experiences, at just a few years old, was the conditioning that the mind was “wrong” for the body. That is, as an alienation between the mind and the body becomes seen as always already there, the child learns to see himself or herself as having been “born this way”: born in the wrong body.


All things considered, it is not too surprising to see the memory hole in use. Of course, Green has not seemed to learn much, as the devout seem immovable in their faith—at least, on the outside. She seems to want more children harmed in precisely the way she harmed her own son. In fact, we know she does—everybody knows. No responsible, ethical adult would do what Susie Green has done, even half of it, and be able to live with it.

Here is Green just the other day, on February 12, contributing to the public discourse on Brianna Ghey:

Using Jackie was always never enough for Susie Green, as Mermaids has tragically proven.

To be sure, there will be more attempts to remove documentation from the public, largely to suppress the evidence of harm. Those who have done irreversible damage to numerous children and young people will not “fucking own it.” Doing so would mean admitting they have been wrong. Their faith does not permit such mistakes. Instead, they will memory hole anything and everything—as happened with the medical atrocities of the past.

We have uploaded Susie Green’s infamous TED talk hoping to boost its visibility in search engines, per the Streisand effect. - Editor

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