The flag of militant independence from alphabetical contrivances

We are not doing a daily doomscroll. We are creating a record of our own dissent against the pseudohistorical, postmodernist pablum and manifold abuses of “gender identity” politics.

We, for various reasons, unite in our objection to an agenda which erases us from our own history. We remember that we are male and female, crave the love and attention of male or female, evolved from eons of time to know and want the difference. We object to its erasure in law and society. This is the record of our dissent.

We reject the underwhelming culture and literature of this totalizing, totalitarian ideology, premised on a myth of literal human sex change.

We reject the poor evidence base that this is somehow the best solution for dysphoria and teen angst.

We demand evidence that it is better for kids than a placebo, and hear only scientific crickets in response.

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We demand to have the difference between a man cheating at sports and a man named Susan cheating at sports explained to the public, and accepted by the public, before allowing it to happen on his say-so.

We rail against the insane injustice of men in women’s prisons, against all the established scientific knowledge of male violence, because those men have friends in civil rights organizations and political parties that we once respected.

Many people share these opinions, but fear continues to reign. We submit this is evidence that we are in the majority. If our opinions were truly outside the margins of polite society, whole DEI departments and all those Twitter opinion moderators would be unnecessary, for we would not require systematic silencing.

This is a record of the true history, of the true text, of our resistance to the grasping censors, our rejection of their nonexistent “modern audiences,” which are the absolute death of art and good sense.

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A politically homeless shelter from woke and left-right discourse, by LGB United


Conflict historian, US Army SIGINT and signal veteran. Recovering political scientist/internet opinionator. I will not recant my heresies.
Donovan Cleckley holds a BA in English and Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Montevallo and an MA in English from Tulane University. Aside from teaching and editing, he is currently working on a book on literature, psychiatry, and sex.
Eva Kurilova is a writer from Calgary, Alberta.