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Listen to Episode 6: Kappa Kappa Gamma's Cheryl Tuck-Smith

Listen to Episode 6: Kappa Kappa Gamma's Cheryl Tuck-Smith

who was expelled from her sorority after 53 years of loyal sisterhood for advocating to keep it single-sex
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Welcome to the brothersisterhood. -

re·duc·ti·o ad ab·sur·dum

/rəˌdəkSHēō ad əbˈsərdəm,rəˈdəktēō ad əbˈsərdəm/

noun: a method of proving the falsity of a premise by showing that its logical consequence is absurd or contradictory.

"the argument is a reductio ad absurdum of utilitarianism"

Unless you’ve just arrived in this rabbit hole — like, within the last 15 minutes — you’ve already seen countless assertions of gender ideology that take what we all know about human behavior and drive it right over a cliff.

The story described in this episode might just be the absurdest ‘reductio’ I’ve seen, for it is the story of how a highly respected collegiate sorority found itself at the center of a gender-ideology controversy almost too unlikely to believe.

In a gesture meant to resemble kindness, a small group of Kappa Kappa Gamma members at the University of Wyoming extended a gracious, sisterly nod in the direction of Artemis Langford, a six-foot two inch male who didn’t even have the grades to qualify for membership, much less the more fundamental requirement of being female.

Lest you think I’m here to poke fun at sororities, I hasten to add that I myself am an initiated member of the Sisterhood — in good standing, thank you very much! The Panhellenic tradition is a time-tested pro-social affair that comes with lovely perks like room and board in a stately mansion within spitting distance of campus —not that we ever spat— at a better price than most student housing, thanks to alumnae largesse.

In a spirit of fond nostalgia, I am honored to be joined today by Cheryl Tuck-Smith, a Kappa Kappa Gamma alumna and retired lawyer who put the ‘give-em-hell’ in PanHell.

To support the legal fund discussed in the podcast, mail a tax-deductible check to this 501(C)(3) organization:

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