I would not worry overmuch about the depopulation of the world. For my money anything that slows or, better, reverses population growth would be a wonderful thing. Fifty million humans worldwide would be wonderful. Most of humanity contributes nothing to the world except excrement.

But the "trans" cult is not going to do that. What it is doing is the removal of gay adults from our future; as many as 90% of the sterilized ("transitioned") live to regret their folly, and most of them end up being gay once their membership in the "trans" fad runs out of steam.

The human population will fall, and fall quickly, sometime in the next decade or two. Either resource pressures will lead to war that escalates to nuclear exchange, or the billions of pandemic laboratories will lead to a pathogen that is a lot more than 1% fatal and that spreads with the vigor of smallpox.

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