The iconic declaration required to become a member of the club is to accept that "a trans woman is a woman."

Like a Trump supporter saying he won 2020, or becoming a Muslim by saying the Shahadah.

Of course, a "trans woman" is a man. Whether his commitment is nothing more than muttering "I identify as a woman" or getting the full sterilization and mutilation surgery, he's still a man. After he dies, if his skeleton is exhumed it will be identified as male.

Yet agreeing to this biological absurdity is a requirement, and anyone who denies it can be fired from his job, expelled from his university tenure, and banned from any number of forums.

So if you care about truth and freedom, say it loud and often:

A trans woman is a man impersonating a woman.

Funny how we never hear the same phrase for a "trans man." Maybe not so funny.

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Hope Barrymore tore up her "feminist" card before getting on her knees.

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@Matt thank you for defiantly using the masculine pronoun for this twit.

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Pathetic, Drew.

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Thanks for sharing this disgusting piece of information. How low can we go?

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If we really want to fight this crap we need to vocally address the extortion of "transition or suicide."

And that is easy to do. Since the activists claim that there are five million "trans" American and gender affirmation began less than a generation ago, prior history should be a killing field of teen suicide, and it just isn't. Does ANYONE know of any teen who suicided in years past over denial of hormones and surgery? No.

Get this out there.

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Using "cis" ironically. Tarring them with their own brush - so to speak.

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