It’s alarming how quickly this sickness has taken hold and how many people smart enough to know better are aboard.

I’ve had well-informed friends tell me that there has never been reassignment surgery on a minor. That a year living as the opposite sex is still a requirement.

The way to dismantle this is to expose the lie of “trans teen suicide” since this is the moral foundation of the rage and violence.

But we can all push back by resisting the extended acronym; we are LGB. No T, no Q, no +. And we can refuse the idiotic pronouns. A man is “he,” a woman is “she,” and no single person is “they.” Period.

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Did it autocorrect to Chase Stranglehold? (ha ha) Thanks for yet again another superb article. You go, Fred, and Matt!

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It's heartwarming to know that I am not the only gender-critical gay man who is put off by the female ACLU attorney who identifies as the trans male Chase Strangio. Frankly, her studied queer presentation raises my hackles like few other things can, which is probably her intent. Not only does she pass as a man, she has mastered the voice and mannerisms of a certain gay type that also triggers me grievously, but enough about my hot buttons.

You can catch Strangio's act on Chris Hayes' show. (I'd love to know whether she arrived at the studio with the full bed head seen here, or whether Hayes's hair and makeup people Aquanetted it so it wouldn't wilt under the studio lights.)https://twitter.com/allinwithchris/status/1677702842583244800

The current degraded state of the ACLU is almost enough to make me, a centrist Biden-voting Democrat, hope for a Trump victory in 2024 so that in time his administration would get around to cleaning house there.

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