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Know what, the cut shape makes it a battle flag. It's even got the fly end pointing left so as to make it appear as though flying in forward motion when worn on the right shoulder, per military uniforms.

I like it. A lot.

I might have to dig out an old rainbow flag and have it re-seamed, this is great

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The time for assertion of pride ended long ago. The best message that can come of it is "we're almost as good as you are."

I'm gay. I came out in 1974. I marched in a pride parade for the first time in 1976. It was also the last time I marched because too many people used the safety of numbers to put on lewd and disgusting displays and that's what got on the news; the next year I watched from the sidelines and I have not been to one at all since.

But at that first one, I signed up for their mailing list, and for years afterward I received notices from the organizers encouraging me to come out dressed as offensively as I could manage because, after all, the cops couldn't arrest all of us. Tee hee.

I loosely identify with LGB. No T, no Q, none of the rest of the mix. We did our work; we risked coming out at work (I got fired by a fundamentalist manager at Microsoft once), showing that there were alternatives to the shock troops with their sadomasochism gear and facial hair statements, and in the end we won. I was married to my husband in San Jose in 2017, a right I never expected to see in my lifetime.

And for the record, fuck inclusion. What have the "trans" crowd done to help? Endless demands, more lies than Trump and Santos combined, grotesque cultic threats of teen suicide if denied hormones and surgery, getting people fired for their goddamn pronouns, "transphobia" for everything factually true. During the HIV epidemic it was gay men who manned the tables and passed out condoms while the transvestites clomped around in heels awaiting their turns to lip-synch.

Count me among the many gay people who believe that the "trans" cult is not the successor to the gay rights movement, does not deserve the association. We didn't demand that society change to accommodate us; everyone in the gay effort really was gay, while the "trans" don't even need to actually be gender dysphoric. We wanted equality, not special attention. We wanted our differences to be accepted, "trans" denies even the most uncontroversial differences (like "male and female").

I don't want any flags. We don't need any more marches. Accept your ordinariness and stop cultivating validation by marginalization.

We have bigger problems than your goddamn gender identity.

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