“Trans suicide” is an extortion racket. "

Thank you for this.

This is the foundation of "trans" morality, hurry up and slice them because anything short of instant gratification leads to suicide.

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This was a really frightening video. The paranoia she must have felt working at that clinic with its own warped "lingo" reminded me of Microsoft with its Kremlinesque orthodoxy founded on the Reign of Terror of stack ranking and the annual review.

I had not heard about the new homomisia; I left the USA in 2010 and haven't really kept up with its zeitgeist, but the idea that being gay has become deprecated is new to me. I would be clicking my heels if all she means is that the toxic enclave society was disappearing but it sounds as though being gay is regarded as not yet turning "trans."

But the medical malpractice was perfectly foreseeable, with healthcare in the USA based on profit it's unsurprising that the diagnosis of dysphoria would be automatic, since that's where the money is.

Quick, start cutting off pieces before she snaps out of it.

The European clinics did longitudinal studies and learned that transitioning was not the life of bliss they believed; in the USA the "trans" activists will get any such researcher fired with blasts of "transphobia!" emails. One would think this ridiculous word would have worn out by now.

In the USA the McGender and Surgery King franchises will go on sterilizing children until the government shuts them down, and that seems a long way off, what with the TikTok "trans" fad still on the ascent. What few studies have been done have their results misrepresented; see the Washington Post and its perky report on a study that showed no reduction in depression or suicidal thoughts after surgery.

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"What she found most alarming was that so many parents, not just children, seemed to arrive at the clinic prepared to answer questions in a way that would hurry their children down this path. (of trans diagnosis)"

It's easy for those of us who are parents of a mentally ill child to understand this attitude. You may be desperate for an explanation of your child's perplexing and dangerous behavior and talk. Would being trans be better than being schizophrenic, autistic, a sociopath, a psychotic? The media and the trans industry surely paints a picture of cute, creative, dynamic trans people living their dream, which is far preferable to a life of mental hospitals, powerful drugs that quash your personality, dull your mind and sink you into a quagmire of physical disabilities from diabetes, to tardive dyskinesia, obesity, high blood pressure, on ad infinitum. Given the treatment of the mentally ill by the medical industry - which would you choose for your child? Most of the mentally ill we see are slowly dying in the streets or are in prisons. Choose one or choose having your child diagnosed as a trans as pictured by the trans PR system.

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I am seeing more and more comments from Democratic parents who say they will vote GOP because the Republicans oppose the surgical mutilation of children. And who can blame them? Suppose your son walked into the living room and announced that he was “trans” and he wanted to be castrated. Of course he would dutifully call it “affirmation,” but castration it would be.

The Democrats are on the wrong side of this issue. ‘Trans” is not the successor to gay civil rights. “Trans” is a fad. And a very harmful one.

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