The employment demand is going to be an increasingly tempered issue.

Employers are getting tired of workers who spend half their time in Human Resources complaining about being "misgendered" and lecturing their coworkers about their pronouns.

I know of two friends who each have a pronoun-person coworker who is being "managed out" with a paper trail taking months to accumulate, because they are the weakest producers in the office but where anyone else would just be fired, it is guaranteed that the "trans" employee will sue for discrimination.

Résumés with pronoun-pairs go straight to the trash folder.

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Being gay is about being attracted to the same sex.

The "trans" movement denies the reality of sex, reducing it to a "social construct."

We have nothing to do with each other.

Mind you, I am not talking about gender dysphoric people, who make up an invisibly tiny sliver of "trans."

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What? Weird doings in San Francisco?


Yeah, I had a former friend who calls herself "queer" admit to me the movement was rife with pedophiles, rapists, incels, nutters and the like.

"Then why are you a part of it?", I asked. The answer was neither one I expected or even liked.

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Having been part of a Saul Alinsky inspired organization (1960-70s), the Welfare Rights Movement, and often aligned with ACORN, I can sadly attest how rife it was with blatant, and even proud and joyful Sexism. I appreciate Matt's analysis of the false postures of purity shown by some leftists, which attitudes are more a sense of elitist supremacy than a commitment to equality, especially toward women. As we see many ersatz leftists use transgender ideology as a smokescreen to attack, slander, silence, assault and strip women of any progress they may achieve.

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Men in minstrel drag shows, which have been around for centuries, are the autogynephile models for autogynephiles like Andrea Long Chew and Nina Arsenault who fantasize about being women so they can be sexually penetrated by men as they so proudly proclaim. Unlike other minstrels the drag female impersonators are allowed to flourish while ethnic minstrel performances of grotesque, degrading, and often obscene portrayals have long been banned as a threat to the image and human dignity of other groups - with one exception: women. The acceptance of men in drag has served as an avant-garde for trans acceptance. Trans like Dylan Mulvaney and many others like him echo men in drag, who portray women as venal, stupid, jealous, hypersexual and petty.

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