Should Men Be Allowed to Watch Women Shower, Girls Pee at the YMCA? Some Say Yes

The full video of an epic city council meeting

Aug 4, 2022

Yesterday we brought you the story of Julie Jaman, an 80 year-old woman banned from the Port Townsend, Washington public pool after she objected to a male in the shower area watching little girls pee as she rinsed off after a swim. Thousands of people have now watched her public statement to the city council.

Which has us wondering: how many people really think it is a good idea to let men watch women shower and little girls pee? Please answer our reader poll so we can have a totally scientific sample of public opinion.

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Believe it or not, some people really do say yes, and even more amazing they are not entirely men in prison for sex crimes!

Today, we bring you the rest of the comments from Monday night’s city council meeting. When ‘gender identity’ activists weren’t gibbering in neo-spiritual mumbo-jumbo, they were insulting local residents for expressing moderate, considerate views of the situation at hand. City council sessions are always amazing, but this one belongs in the record books.

Note that the first public comment made during the meeting was unrelated to gender identity issues, so it has been cut from this clip. The 32-minute timeline is otherwise unedited and unaltered. Our reporting yesterday on this event, and the three minute clip of Julie Jaman speaking eloquently about the privacy needs of women and girls, is linked below.

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