"His happiness comes from violating boundaries. Your human right to boundaries is a violation of his right to have no boundaries." New and horrible, also very old and horrible. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Patriarchy with lipstick and liposuction, that's all it is. And they wonder why we are so angry.

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Dec 28, 2022Liked by Matt Osborne

How on earth does this person knows what it feels like to be a girl?

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Bububut if you refer to DM as male, you are committing genocide.

Millions of "trans" kids will slit their wrists or jump out of windows because you didn't use their magic pronouns.

I've onlly seen this creep in a video once but it was enough to make me want to use my fists. That loathsome plastic smile. That giggly 15yo girl routine.

I hope his surgeries fail.

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Jul 19, 2023·edited Jul 19, 2023Liked by Matt Osborne

I'm not big on social media but I finally saw this twit online thanks mostly to the Bud Light kerfuffle.

He's a really hard guy to not hate.

An adult man acting like a four-year-old wasn't very funny when Pee Wee Herman did it, and it's even less cute when he's acting like a twelve-year-old girl.

I hear he hasn't gotten the lower part done yet. He could have that achieved for free in five seconds with a steak knife.

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