Her Name Was Dagny Benedict. The Pride Flag Mafia Changed Her Name To 'Nex'

Posthumous conversion and martyrization. Who else does that?

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Video via KJRH -TV Channel 2 in Tulsa

She looks older, taller, and stronger in this video than the press has so far pictured her. She also responds to her birth name, Dagny, and female pronouns.

At no point in the above video does Dagny Benedict seem the least bit upset to be identified as herself.

She never once demands to be “Nex Benedict,” the “nonbinary” name that has been used to promote the story that she was beaten to death in a school bathroom.

As can be seen in the video, Dagny was quite alive some time after the fight, which did take place in a school bathroom, but which she admits that she started. She died sometime after the school resource officer met and interviewed her.

No cause of death has been confirmed yet. Preliminary autopsy results have ruled out trauma.

The death of any child, for any reason, is tragic. Misuse and abuse of a child’s death is reprehensible. Getting her name wrong is a failure of professional journalism and an utter disrespect to those who grieve.

Putting pressure on parents to posthumously change the name of a dead child so as to serve a political or social narrative takes it to a whole new level of cult evil.

Everyone responsible for this travesty should feel shame. They must be challenged to say her name. It isn’t “Nex.” It’s Dagny. She/her. Say her name.

Officer Thompson did not get called to the scene right away. From the video, the fight seems to have taken place at the end of the school day. Everyone involved was being punished with in-school suspension. It is likely that his presence at the school was not deemed necessary if parents were alerted and she was going to the emergency room, anyway.

Dagny does not mention transphobia or transphobic abuse of any sort in the video. Rather, she describes two peer groups at odds, having an intergroup fight after two days of hostility. Kid stuff. Happens all the time.


The officer asks: did you let anyone know about this? When she says no, he asks why not. “I didn’t really see the point in it,” Dagny responds. Her grandmother admits she did not think to call the resource officer and even apologizes.

Thompson explained what he could do and what the consequences would be if the grandmother filed charges. In the eyes of the school and the law, the fight was regarded as “mutual combat,” meaning that if any one parent presses charges, all the parents can press charges.

When police in Oklahoma file charges in such circumstances, all the children involved become both victim and suspect at the same time. A court will sort out who did what to whom. Everyone gets a juvenile record. In most cases, this is a deterrent to criminal charges over schoolhouse fights in America.

As Thompson explains in the video, the grandmother could change her mind later. He promised to stay in touch and find out why he had not been called to the scene, which was the grandmother’s concern.

Throughout the video, no one used any pronouns other than she/her. No one calls her anything but Dagny. Henceforth, anyone who calls her any name other than Dagny, or projects a “nonbinary” identity of some kind on her, is a monster who needs to feel shame.

How did this fake news debacle even happen? The family fundraiser actually describes Dagny as “a daughter, sister, cousin, and aunt. She was a 16 year old 10th grader from Owasso Oklahoma.”

Dated 9 February, that is followed by a piteous update on 20 Februrary:

We at this time are thankful for the ongoing support and did not expect the love from everyone. We are sorry for not using their name correctly and as parents we were still learning the correct forms. Please do not judge us as Nex was judged, please do not bully us for our ignorance on the subject. Nex gave us that respect and we are sorry in our grief that we overlooked them. I lost my child, the headstone will have correct name of their choice. The rest of monies will go to other children dealing with the right to be who they feel they are, in Nex Benedict’s name. God bless

Someone has been working this poor family over the coals to get them to cooperate in martyrizing their child, who was not being nonbinary or “Nex” at all hours before she died, to serve an insidious agenda.

Accountability must reign. It starts with a name.

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